5 Catalan Dishes You Have to Try

When you head to Catalonia you’ll probably have only one thing in mind: the food. Whether you’re going to be cooking yourself, eating out at some amazing restaurants, or hiring your own Barcelona caterer, there’s so many great tasting options out there that you simply have to try. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites to give your tastebuds some serious food for thought.


When you’re looking to enjoy good food and great company, you have to have the carefully crafted taste of an authentic sauce to go with it. Aioli is one of the most popular sauces in the region and is know for its simple approach because it is created using just three ingredients. With aromatic garlic, egg yolk, and the finest of olive oils all working together in perfect harmony, you’ll have everything you need to perfectly finish off any grilled meat dish.


Cured meats are as popular as ever throughout the Catalan region and are regularly on show at the center of the family dining table. Whilst Iberian ham is what the region is principally known for, there are a whole host of varieties and flavors for you to sample. Whether you want some subtle spice, some gentle flavor, or a delicate peppery infusion, a cold meat platter is a staple of the region that you simply must try. Add in some freshly baked tomato bread and you’ll have the perfect way to unwind on those war summer evenings.


When you image the sort of catering Sitges will be proud of you instantly think about Escudella. This Catalan soup is a delicate blend of vegetables, a variety of meats, and chickpeas. Let your palette explore everything from the bacon and chorizo, to some black sausage and the juicy taste coming from the ham bones. With a hearty mix of everything you need to feel warm and energized in the winter months, Escudella is one of the main dishes served at the family table when the festive season approaches.

Pa amb tomàquet

This regional delight is literally tomato and fresh bread. When you’re sampling the very best catering Spain has to offer, make sure to ask for a slice of authentic tomato bread. The locals typically eat sandwiches bursting full with delicious cured meats and rich cheeses. What makes them truly special is the way in which the bread is treated. By rubbing it with tomato, salt, olive oil, and a little garlic you’ll be able to add your own unique flavor in seconds.


No list of must-eats would be complete without something for those with the sweet tooth. Panellets are a delicious sweet treat that typical arrive in local bakeries from early November onwards. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the local culture and give your tastebuds a real treat, then Panellets have to be on your shortlist foods to try.

No matter what you like to eat, Catalonia has something for everyone. All you have to do is get out there and see what’s on offer. I have no doubt you’ll find dishes that you’ll be going back to eat again and again for years to come.

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