6 Ingredients for the Perfect Paella

When a dish enters mainstream culture it will undergo all manner of twists and changes; something which is certainly true of Paella. With a rich history and a whole host of textures and subtle infusions of flavor to explore, nothing compares to the feeling of sitting down in front of warm bowl of something that is authentically Spanish.

Let’s take a look at some of the key Paella ingredients that make this tasty dish ever so special so that you get a picture of what goes into creating it…

Short-Grain Rice

Choosing the right rice is essential as it’s the foundation of the entire dish. Spanish bomba is one of the most popular local choices; you’ll often see it sold as “Calasparra”. Whilst many experiment or add in whatever they happen to have to hand, nothing compares to tasting the real thing if you want to create something truly authentic.

The Stock

Cooking rice is about more than bringing it to the boil and double-checking that it’s soft to the bite. Stock is the secret ingredient so many overlook, and it’s essential if you want to infuse your dish with some authentic flavor. Fish stock or prawn heads are great choices to infuse that seafood flavor into the very heart of the dish. By topping the stock off with tomato or fennel you can create a subtle infusion that elevates the whole dish.


Garlic, tomatoes, and sautéed onions all work together in perfect harmony to create an aromatic mixture that lifts up any paella. By getting the balance just right you can give every mouthful a rich and wholesome taste that makes it all the more filling. For best results nothing compares to fresh tomatoes, that way you won’t sacrifice any of the taste or richness for the sake of the slight convenience of tinned chopped tomatoes.

Deciding on Sauce

Every Spain caterer will have considered whether or not to dress their paella with sauce because it can make all the difference to the dish. Some choose a little drizzle of aioli but finding the right balance is so important. Too little and you won’t know it’s there, too much and you run the risk of the garlic infused in the sauce overpowering the gentle seafood taste of the paella.

Tiger Prawns

No seafood dish would be complete without some fresh prawns; something you’ll soon come to realize as you explore the variety of catering Sitges has to offer. Many opt for fresh Tiger Prawns and use every part of them to really bring the flavor to the fore. By shelling them and keeping the heads and tails you’ll be able to sauté them to really infuse the dish with a touch of authentic flavor.


The best things come to those who wait, and nothing is more true when it comes to crafting the perfect bowl of paella. By taking the necessary time to gently heat and simmer at each stage you’ll be able to maximize each flavor and find the perfect balance that will delight your tastebuds.

If you’re craving the authentic flavors of Paella expertly prepared by a professional home chef, reach out to us!

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