Best Spanish Wines You Have to Try

When it comes to elevating a meal, whether it’s a casual lunch, a formal dinner, or a special wedding celebration, the right bottle of wine can make all the difference. Ask any wedding caterer in Sitges or a local Spanish chef, and they’ll emphasize the importance of selecting the perfect wine to complement the flavors of the dish. To inspire your palate and introduce you to the rich wine culture of Catalonia, let’s explore four exceptional wine regions known for their unique and exquisite offerings. We’ll also briefly mention the famous Rioja region due to its widespread renown.


Best Spanish Wines


The unique character of Priorat wine is deeply influenced by the region’s volcanic soil and slate-lined hillsides. These challenging growing conditions result in a significantly lower yield compared to other established wine regions, adding to the allure and mystique of each bottle. Because the wines are often in short supply, a culture of savoring every glass and mouthful has developed, making each sip a memorable experience.

One potential downside is the price; Priorat wines tend to be among the more expensive options in and around Barcelona. However, this cost is justified by the quality and authenticity guaranteed by the prestigious D.O.C. (Denomination of Origin Qualified) seal, an honor shared only with Rioja.


Nestled just half an hour’s drive from Barcelona, the Alella region may be small, with only nine established wineries, but it is far from being in decline. In fact, it’s flourishing. Wine has been cultivated here since the Roman Empire, and this long history continues to be celebrated in every bottle produced. The unique combination of special soil and a coastal location gives the Maresme grapes a low acidity level, resulting in a balanced and refined taste. Alella wines are perfect for those who prefer not to overpower delicate taste buds, offering a subtle yet memorable flavor profile.


Montsant stands as one of Catalonia’s largest and most esteemed wine-producing regions. Renowned for its exceptional variety, Montsant wines are exported worldwide, allowing you to continue exploring their flavors long after your stay with your Sitges home chef has ended.

The diversity of wines produced here is truly remarkable, offering something to suit every palate. Whether you’re drawn to a bold and striking red or a soft and gentle white, Montsant has a wine to perfectly complement any meal. With such an expansive selection, you’re sure to find the ideal match for your evening dining experience or your special day.


An hour’s drive from central Barcelona, Penedès is celebrated across Europe for its rich history and tradition. As one of the oldest continuously used wine regions in the world, with winemaking records dating back to the sixth century B.C., it has evolved into the heart of the Catalan wine industry. Many Spanish chefs and wedding caterers have visited Penedès, walking its historic vineyards and drawing inspiration from its deep-rooted winemaking heritage.

The region offers a vast array of wines, ensuring you’ll see locals enjoying many different bottles during your stay. If you’re looking to explore beyond the classic choices of rich reds and crisp whites, consider sampling a glass of cava. Penedès is renowned for this sparkling wine, and it’s sure to add an authentic touch to the final meal of your visit or to toast at your wedding celebration.


While our focus is on Catalonia, it’s worth mentioning the renowned Rioja region due to its global fame.

Located in northern Spain, Rioja is divided into three sub-regions: Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja, and Rioja Alavesa, each offering distinct characteristics due to their unique climates and terrains.

Rioja wines are known for their depth and complexity, often aged in oak barrels which impart rich flavors and aromas. From young, vibrant reds to aged reservas and gran reservas, Rioja offers a wide range of options to suit any preference. These wines are perfect for special occasions, including weddings, where their elegance and sophistication can truly shine. The D.O.C. seal, shared with Priorat, assures you of their exceptional quality.


What is the Best Spanish Wine?

Remember the lessons we learn from the vine: patience, perseverance, and a deep appreciation for the beauty around us. Whenever you crave a taste of Spanish elegance, let the wines of Spain transport you back to their sun-drenched landscapes and timeless traditions.

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