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  • Spanish Christmas Traditions

    Spanish Christmas Traditions

    With not long until the special time of year begins descending on us, we wanted to tell you how your Caterer in Barcelona will be celebrating. Here’s a few Spanish Christmas traditions from our corner of the world that we’d love to share with you. Midnight Mass La Misa Del […]

  • Spanish Ingredients at Home - Cloud9 Barcelona Catering

    8 Spanish ingredients you need at home

    Whether you’re a long-term admirer of Spanish cuisine, or you’ve had your tastebuds enlivened by your very own home chef in Barcelona, there’s a few things you’re going to need to keep in the kitchen. We’ve asked our chefs about the key ingredients their home kitchens can’t do without, and […]

  • Catering Para Empresas - Cloud9 Barcelona Catering

    Cooking Tips You Can Use At Home

    Ask any of our home chef how they mastered their art and they’ll tell you three things: passion, perseverance, and practice. Whilst the passion for food needs to burn within you, and perseverance only comes from sticking at it, there are plenty of little bits and pieces you can practice […]

  • Acerca de - Cloud9 Barcelona Catering

    Veggie Recipes You Simply Have to Try

    No matter what you like to eat your Barcelona caterer will have something that excites your tastebuds. For those of you who like to enjoy all things vegetarian we’ve compiled a list of the very best veggie recipes the region has to offer. Perfect if you want to ask your […]

  • Cooking a la Cassola

    The Catalan region is known for all manner of delicious foodstuffs, but none have the potential to fill you all day long like the tasty creations of a cassola. If you’re looking for a kitchen accessory that sums up the regional style of cooking and everything it has to offer […]

  • What Makes the Catalan Diet So Unique?

    Ask any Spanish chef and they’ll tell you that Catalonia is a unique area rich in culinary creativity and delicious recipes that are just waiting to be tasted. When you’re looking for a cooking service Barcelona is proud to call its own, it pays to know a little bit about […]

  • Why Fresh Ingredients Matter

    When you sit back and enjoy an evening meal after a long day it’s the little details that make all the difference. It can be all too easy to open the freezer or walk to the supermarket and buy something pre-made, but what about all the things you’ll be missing […]