Catalan Inspired Dishes When You’re In a Hurry

Eating well when you’re on the move can feel like an uphill battle. When you’re pushed for time and short on options it can be all too easy to opt for fast food or unhealthy store bought pre-made foods. The problem with this is that you not only miss out on the nourishment and fuel your body needs, you’re also not getting to savour and enjoy your food.

The secret is to take a little bit of inspiration from wherever you can and to show your tastebuds that you always have something exciting to offer them. By adding a little Catalan flavour to proceedings you’ll be able to rustle up dishes any Sitges chef would be proud to put their name to.
Here is a list that Cloud9barcelonacatering prepared for you:

Fuet Platters

Nothing fills you up like a healthy helping of protein, and they don’t come any more authentically Catalan than the taste of Fuet. It’s a special recipe of dried and cured sausage meet that has been perfected over the centuries in this beautiful corner of the world. By always having a piece in your kitchen you’ll be able to add some Catalan style to your plate in a couple of minutes. Whether you want to recreate a dish you’ve tried on your travels, or to create a small platter of cold meats, cheeses, and anything else that takes your fancy you’ll never be short of inspiration.


Grilled vegetables are a classic way to add a healthy dish to your daily diet and they don’t come more authentically Catalan than Escalivada. Take some inspiration from the locals by adding tomatoes and peppers to your skewer. Pick for freshness and ripeness so that the juices really flow when the heat is turned up. Add depth of flavour and texture with some artichokes, or go down the authentic route and use bolets if they’re in season and available where you are. Drizzle with a little bit of olive oil, add a sprinkling of your favourite herbs, and top off with a dash of salt and pepper to create a simple dish that you want to eat all over again the moment its finished.

Pa amb Tomaquèt

A favourite of any Sitges chef will be this delightfully Catalan creation of toasted tomato bread. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the dish and the fact that anyone can create it in just a couple of minutes. If you want to plan ahead for when you’re in a hurry you could start things off by baking a loaf of fresh bread using an old family recipe. Leave it to cool on the side and then slice off a couple of pieces. Toast on a grill so they’re just as crunchy as you like them before smearing with an ample helping of tomatoes and some olive oil. Take a bite, savour the flavour, and then take it to new heights with just the right sprinkling of salt or pepper — whatever your palette asks for.

With a few simple ingredients we hope you’ll be add some Catalan inspiration to your dishes so that no matter what the day sends your way, you’ll always be able to get genuine enjoyment from your food.

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