Cooking a la Cassola

The Catalan region is known for all manner of delicious foodstuffs, but none have the potential to fill you all day long like the tasty creations of a cassola. If you’re looking for a kitchen accessory that sums up the regional style of cooking and everything it has to offer your palette then you really need look no further. With a wealth of options for you to savour all that remains is to dive in and take a closer look at what’s on offer.

A Wealth of Options

The beauty of a cassola is that it can be used to create just about anything. Known by your favourite Sitges chef or caterer as a cazuela, it’s used to stew or braise everything from meats and poultry to fresh seafood. You can even throw in some rice and use it to make any number of authentic regional dishes. The secret is to keep the recipes simple and allow the ingredients to speak for themselves. Cassola cooking is all about adding everything needed but nothing more, and doing so at just the right times so that every flavour and texture can really come into its own. When you approach your cooking this way you’ll be able to create mouthwatering dishes that stay true to their humble origins.

A Strong Tradition

Cassola cooking has been around for centuries with recipes passed down the generations and forming a huge part of daily life. Your Sitges caterer will be able to share with you all manner of family recipes and secrets that they grew up tasting and enjoying. Most recipes follow a tried and trusted process where the beauty lies in its simplicity. The main ingredient will typically be seafood or meat which is browned to perfection in the cassola before being moved to a serving platter. Next the sofrito is prepared — a base of tomatoes and onions that’s slow-cooked to maximise the depth of flavour and to allow the texture to soften. The meat is then returned, a dash of wine added, stock heartily ladled in, and the sauce is left to reduce.

A Delicious Finish

The perfect finish to the cassola is known as the picada. With about 10 minutes left before serving the final seasoning is added. This can be anything from a fresh clove of garlic or a handful of almonds, to a chunk of ground bread or a healthy helping of parsley. As any Barcelona caterer will tell you; it’s all about adding the finishing touches that will bring your ingredients to life and create a taste that will live long in the memory.

The Heart of the Table

The true beauty of cassola cooking is how it brings the whole family together. Not only does the cassola act as the perfect cooking dish, it’s also the ideal way to serve your tasty creation to the rest of the family. With the aromas filling the room and your loved ones enjoying each other’s company around the table, you’ll be able to enjoy the authentic experience that Catalans have savoured for generations.

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