Delicious Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

When you want to keep cool and sit back and relax this summer it pays to know about some of the delicious foods the locals in Sitges consume to keep cool. They’re the region’s best kept secrets when it comes time to get out of the sun and feel refreshed for the day that lies ahead. Let’s take a look at a few secrets that any home chef will be able to rustle you up in minutes.


This dish is the very definition of refreshment and is simply dying for you to give it a taste. The foundation of the dish is the rich red tomatoes that have been grown under the beating Spanish sun. With a vibrant flavour and a unique colour they simply have to be tasted to be believed. Add to this the refreshing touches of freshly picked cucumber and you have a dish that cools you down as well as refuels you ready for another adventure.

Any holiday chef Sitges is proud to call their own will then add a gentle infusion of Italian peppers for a little sweetness. This helps to give the dish added depth that your tastebuds can explore with every spoonful. Finally you add a dash of the finest extra virgin olive oil and just a hint of sherry vinegar. Everything is then blended effortlessly in a hand-painted bowl that is chilled to take the edge off the afternoon sun.


If you get the taste for gazpacho then it certainly won’t be long before you try its sister dish. Extra tomatoes and baguette bread in the initial blend give every spoonful more thickness and flavour which is perfect for those of you who want a little more punch from your afternoon refresher. Fresh garlic is added to give it an extra dimension before topping off with finely sliced cubes of cured ham. It’s a simple dish that celebrates what you can create when you really understand how ingredients compliment one another and work together to create something that is more than the sum of its parts.


These delicious little things probably need no introduction, but travel anywhere in Spain this summer and you’re bound to see piles of brown cardboard boxes outside virtually every eatery and in every market. These are the first crop of the cherry harvest that has made its way into town from the fields. Perfect if you want a nice juicy little treat as you put your feet up in the shade for an hour.

Melon with Cured Ham

If you’ve never sampled this speciality then don’t judge it till you’ve tried it. It’s a unique combination of salt and sweetness that will always leave you craving just one more bite. The Spanish melon is like a cross between a cantaloupe and a honeydew melon that is known for its sweetness. Combine it with the imperious taste of a cured Spanish ham and you have the perfect summer appetiser that you’ll want to savour all year round.

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