Why Fresh Ingredients Matter

When you sit back and enjoy an evening meal after a long day it’s the little details that make all the difference. It can be all too easy to open the freezer or walk to the supermarket and buy something pre-made, but what about all the things you’ll be missing out on?

Amazing Flavours

With fresh ingredients ready and waiting in the kitchen you’ll be able to rustle up something in no time at all, and reap the benefits the moment the flavours touch your palette. Store bought ready meals and frozen ingredients just don’t taste as good as the real thing. When you choose fresh ingredients you’re giving your tastebuds something to get seriously excited about as they enjoy a feast of flavours the likes of which they’ve never experienced before. Whether you want sweet, sour, savoury, or just plain delicious, fresh ingredients make all the difference when you want to lock in flavour.

Healthy Choices

Every Barcelona caterer will tell you that when you opt for fresh you’re making a genuinely healthy choice. With organic fresh produce picked under the morning sun you’ll be able to enjoy every mouthful whilst giving your mind and body the injection of energetic goodness that it needs to flourish. Perfect for giving you everything you need to enjoy the day and head out the door ready to source more delicious fresh produce!

You Can Learn

Learning about your ingredients is just as important as prepping and cooking them. By choosing everything that goes into your recipes one by one you’ll learn how flavours and textures combine and layer to create something truly special. Once you get to know your ingredients you’ll understand what to look for as you handpick for quality so that you can bring every recipe to life and savour every bite.

The Quality

Nothing compares to checking your ingredients yourself, every Sitges caterer will tell you the same. The firmness of your tomatoes, the aromatic sensation of cured meats, the vitality of fresh herbs. No matter what your heart desires you’ll enjoy it all the more when you bring fresh ingredients into your home. Ideal for adding that something a little bit special to your tried and trusted family favourites.

The Joy

Ever wondered why every Barcelona caterer you meet has a smile on their face? The best reason to opt for fresh is the pure joy that it brings. Nothing compares to the satisfaction of choosing your ingredients by hand that day. You’ll find new ideas and sources of culinary inspiration in the market, and then you’ll bring them to life in the kitchen a couple of hours later. Every bite will taste sweeter and juicier when you bring fresh choices together in perfect harmony. You’ll take real pride in your food like never before and enjoy sharing it with your friends and family. Perfect for making fresh food the centre of your day.

We hope that’s given you the spark of inspiration you need to go and rustle up something truly special tonight.

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