Where to get a good paella in Sitges

If you are on a holiday in Sitges enjoying the sun and the beaches, you’ll surely want to spoil yourself and get a good paella by sea. We can not tell you which the best paella in Sitges, that’s something only you can decide, but what we can do is recommend some of the best restaurants with good paellas in Sitges. So you to start your gastronomic route with a map ?


Restaurante Santa Maria

Passeig de la Ribera in 52


santa mariaLocated on the promenade, this restaurant is a classic paella in Sitges. It specializes in all types of rice and noodle dishes as well as fresh seafood.

Its cuisine is typically Mediterranean and served in generous portions, either indoors or on the terrace facing the sea. Where: Pg de la Ribera, 52.







Restaurante Zodiaco

Calle Bonaire, 39


zodiacoThis is a family restaurant, those that preserve the memory of past, downtown times, but away from the bustle of the promenade. It is one of the establishments that should not miss in your path paella in Sitges.

They have a good paella with seafood and if you want to try something a little different, also prepare paella with artichokes.


Restaurante Mare Nostrum

Passeig de la Ribera 60


mare-nostrumIts privileged seafront location and its varied menu there is a wide variety of paellas and rice are some of the things to note about this restaurant where you can eat some of the best paellas in Sitges.

The restaurant is run as a family business which was founded by Josep Marti in March 1950 and is today capably managed by his sons, Leopoldo and Josep.

With Leopoldo, the master in the kitchen, and Josep responsible for front of the house, they are complemented by Montse, responsible for desserts and Ezequiel for the fine wine cellar. Mare Nostrum is in the hands of a team who are determined to ensure that it will retain its reputation as one of the best culinary experiences in Sitges.

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