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Are you planning a holiday and want to have your own chef to prepare meals? Perhaps you’re hosting a dinner party and are looking for fine-dining quality dishes and service at home? Cloud9 Barcelona Catering specializes in at home private chef services. For us, the experience isn’t just about delicious and beautifully presented dishes, it’s also about the story, the ingredients, and the recipes. Enjoy a one-of-a-kind, interactive, and fun dining experience at home or on vacation in Barcelona, with our private home chef service.

Our team have lived in the region for many years and are passionate about Spanish and Catalan food, culture, and people. You will certainly experience this during your meal as we take you on a complete gastronomic experience, explaining the history and background of the food and ingredients while we prepare magnificent dishes.  

We bring the highest quality food and service, while you bring your appetite and an interest in Spanish food and culture! Relax and enjoy a delicious and entertaining evening with friends and family with Cloud9 Barcelona Catering.

Galería de Chef en Casa - Cloud9 Barcelona Catering

Our Menus

Whether you are looking for a bountiful breakfast buffet or a fine dining served dinner menu we have a variety of menu options available for each and every meal.

For our dinner menus, begin your meal with a glass of our finest local Cava and a selection of traditional Spanish starters. You will dine in the Spanish way, interactively, with great conversation and in a warm, friendly atmosphere. The main courses are a combination of international flavours, but using fresh ingredients native to Spain and Catalonia. The end result is a European fusion with a modern twist on traditional recipes.

Our lunch menus are our chef’s take on traditional Spanish home cooking, recipes that have been passed down through the generations. We merge these timeless recipes with contemporary presentation, and high quality ingredients, creating a comforting and yet delicate lunchtime feast. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sun while we prepare you a delicious lunch!

All of our menus are Spanish inspired, but our professional chefs can certainly prepare various types of cuisine based on your preferences. We also offer a variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

How Does it work?

Choose your menu option and schedule the meal with us

We arrive with a chef, server, and the ingredients

We prepare it all, from the food to setting the table

After your meal, we clean up before departing

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