Local Wines You Have to Try

Ask any Sitges wedding caterer or Spanish home chef what really makes a lunch or dinner come into its own and they’ll tell you it’s all about finding the right bottle of wine. To give your palette the spark of inspiration it needs let’s take a local at 4 of the best vintages so that you can get a taste for what the region has to offer.


The volcanic soil and slate-lined hillsides in which this wine is grown add to its unique taste and history. Challenging conditions ensure that the yield is significantly lower than many other established growing areas which has only served to enhance the aura and mystery around every bottle. With bottles sometimes in short supply this has lead to a culture in which every glass and mouthful is savoured, no matter the occasion.

The one potential downside is that this is one of the more expensive wines to order in and around Barcelona. You do have the added assurance of quality in the form of the prestigious D.O.C seal which has only been awarded here and in Rioja.


These wines come from a tiny region half an hour’s drive from the edge of Barcelona. The region is home to only nine established wineries, but far from being an area in decline it’s flourishing. Wine has been grown here since the time of the Roman empire and has been tasted and enjoyed continuously ever since. A unique combination of special soil and a coastal location give the Maresme grapes a low acidity level that contributes to the overall taste. Perfect for those of you who don’t want to overpower delicate tastebuds.


This is one of the largest and most highly regarded wine producing regions in the whole of Catalonia. With many wines exported all over the world you’ll be able to sample more varieties long after you’ve said a fond farewell to your Sitges home chef for the week.

The variety of wines on offer are simply too expansive to list exhaustively; but in short there’s something for every taste and preference. A bold striking red wine may be your choice, or perhaps a soft and gentle white. No matter what takes your fancy you’ll be able to find something that perfectly matches your evening meal.


The final wine region on our list lies an hour’s drive from central Barcelona and is known across Europe for its history and tradition. It’s one of the oldest continuously used regions in the world, with records of winemaking dating back as far as the sixth century B.C. Since then it has gradually evolved into the beating heart of the Catalan wine industry. Ask any Spanish chef and they’ll tell you that they’ve visited the region and walked the vineyards.

The sheer variety on offer ensures that you’ll see the locals ordering many a bottle during your stay. If you fancy departing from the age old choice of rich red versus crisp white then perhaps you could sample a glass of cava? The region is known for it and it’s sure to add an authentic feel to the last meal of your stay.

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