What Makes the Catalan Diet So Unique?

Ask any Spanish chef and they’ll tell you that Catalonia is a unique area rich in culinary creativity and delicious recipes that are just waiting to be tasted. When you’re looking for a cooking service Barcelona is proud to call its own, it pays to know a little bit about what makes this region so special.

A Unique Mix

Catalan cuisine is an exciting mix of seafood and meat based dishes. With the meat lovingly reared and the seafood caught fresh that day you’ll have everything you need to bring any plate of food to life. Whether you want a hearty meal that will fill you up, or a light bite that keeps hunger at bay and allows you to savour a new flavour you’ll have plenty of options.


Humble Ingredients

Every chef Sitges is proud to call its own will be able to create you something amazing out of just a few humble ingredients. The beauty of Catalan flavour lies in its simplicity. By taking everyday touches like salt, olive oil, and tomatoes, the Catalan culinary masters are able to rustle you up something delicious in just a couple of minutes. There’s perhaps no better example than pa amb tomàquet — toasted bread with tomatoes, salt, and olive oil. Whether you want to enjoy it as a starter, side dish, or a snack to unwind with in the evening with a bottle of your finest, there’s no better feeling than enjoying humble ingredients working together in perfect harmony.


Celebrating the Seasons

Whilst you can always head to the supermarket and buy everything ready made or frozen all year round, a Sitges caterer embraces Catalan cooking by celebrating the seasons. By waiting for the right time of the year to create certain dishes, the Catalan diet allows your body to enjoy foods when nature intends them to be eaten. Heart warming soups and stews in the winter, lighter airier bites in the summer. No matter what your taste buds have in mind you’ll be able to enjoy the seasons in Catalonia like no other place on earth. Calcots are a fantastic example. Similar to leeks or spring onions, they’re eaten in January through to March by roasting in the oven and then dipping in a delicious Romesco sauce. A mouthwatering seasonal treat if ever there were one.


Simple Sauces

No meal would be complete without a flavoursome sauce that knits everything together. Catalonia opts for a simple approach that creates amazing tastes and flavours and perhaps there are no better examples than the romesco and alioli sauces that the region is known for. Ask you Sitges caterer to make a fresh romesco sauce and you’ll be able to taste the almonds and roasted garlic as they dance in perfect harmony with your taste buds. The simple infusion of olive oil and dried red peppers gives the sauce its unique depth of flavour. If you prefer something a little different then Alioli will be well worth a taste with its authentic use of garlic and olive oil. Everything your tastebuds deserve, and more.

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