Planning the perfect Spanish wedding

When you want to create memories that last a lifetime getting everything perfect on your big day is essential. To give you a helping hand why not take a look at some of our quick hints and tips on how you can create the perfect Spanish wedding.

Explore your venue choices

With some stunning settings and backdrops to set your special day against, Spain offers a unique range of choice for you to go and explore. The venue is very much the first port of call because if you don’t secure the date you want then you may well have to change your plans as things move forward. Take the time to explore a variety of different settings, and give plenty of thought to how you can best use the space that’s available. The time of year is also an important thing to remember because it will dictate how you can best use any outdoor space throughout the course of the day. A villa with some nice outdoor seating would be a great option for some evening drinks and tapas for example.

Taste the food

When you’re searching for a wedding caterer, Sitges will have plenty to offer you. This gives you a range of options that you’ll enjoy looking into as you decide on the menu for you and your guests. Asking your wedding caterer for a sample menu is a great way to get things started and will give you a clear idea of what they can offer. You’ll also want to liaise with them so that they know the layout of your venue incase they’ll be preparing food there on the day. If in doubt, ask them what they need to know and they’ll be able to give you a clear direction.

Find a photographer

A picture is worth a thousand words so there’s no better way to remember your once in a lifetime union than by finding a professional who can capture images you’ll treasure for a lifetime. By drawing up a list of the group photos you’d like in advance you’ll be able to ensure that you don’t miss anyone out when the big day finally arrives and you’re swept up with meeting and greeting all of your friends and family.

Decide on your theme

Your theme is really important because it ties together your venue and your food. Whilst the size of the venue will dictate how grand an occasion you can accommodate, if you create a natural harmony between your decor and your menu you’ll be able to create a day that comes together naturally; all to the delight of you and your guests. If you need any input from a culinary perspective, why not ask your caterer? Barcelona has a rich history of weaving food into its wider culture so the advice you get will really help you bring everything together.

Plan your music playlist

The final tip on our checklist is there to remind you to give a little thought to what you’ll hear on the big day. Great food and good company really come into their own when they’re combined with the right piece of music. You’ll want to think about what will compliment your menu and your decor, when you find the idea fit you’ll have the recipe for the perfect ambience.

No matter what type of wedding you’re planning, if you follow these five simple tips you’ll be able to make your vision a reality in no time at all.

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