Tapas Dishes You Simply Cannot Miss

When you search ‘Barcelona caterer’ there’s no doubt your mind will already be thinking about the amazing taste of some authentic tapas. Known across the continent for its unique combination of flavors and textures, tapas is the quintessential dish that so many of us think of when our mind turns to Spain.

Tortilla Española

You may also know this delightful dish as the Spanish Omelet, and it has to be on your list of foods to try. Created from just three simple ingredients, it beautifully blends potatoes, onions, and eggs to create a dish that is served as part of tapas, as a main course, and even as a delicious filling.

Croquetas de Jamón

Deliciously juicy ham croquettes are one of the favorites with the locals and definitely something you need to treat your tastebuds to. Ask any Barcelona caterer for their personal favorite and you’ll be surprised at how often they mention this Spanish classic. A creamy and smooth taste that is created through a coating of eggs and breadcrumbs, nothing compares to sitting back and putting your feet up with this most delicious of tapas offerings.


Fried squid is a tasty appetizer or starter that you’ll find in any tapas bar. With a unique texture that beautifully compliments the flavor, you’ll be able to experience a dish that the locals have been in love with for centuries. After your first bite you’ll feel the freshly cooked squid melt in your mouth as your tastebuds come alive.


This lightly spicy sausage has experienced something of a global fanfare in recent years as it becomes a staple filling in all manner of wraps and sandwiches across the world. By going back to its roots and serving it with nothing but some simple bread, ham, and cheese you can learn why the locals have been enjoying its unique taste for generations.

Patatas Bravas

A Spanish classic that any Sitges caterer will tell you is served in bars across the country, Patatas Bravas transforms the humble friend potato with its own unique sauce. Rich in tomatoes with a fiery kick of Tabasco, it creates a rich flavor combination that always leaves you wanting just one more mouthful.


The Spanish love their seafood just as much as they love getting creative with new ways to enjoy it. This is no more true than when you come to sample your first Tigre. By taking a freshly caught mussel and stuffing, breading, and frying it, the culinary masters that call Spain home have created a tasty morsel that you simply won’t be able to get enough of. If you love the contrast of textures and flavors you get when breadcrumbs are used to coat finely chopped seafood then we couldn’t recommend Tigres highly enough.

Gambas al Ajilo

Garlic prawns are a favorite with tapas bars across Spain and offer every culinary explorer a delightful blend of flavors and aromas. Bursting with fresh garlic and topped off with a dash of cayenne pepper they allow you to sample fresh seafood with a little bit of heat. Perfect when you feel like getting adventurous with your very first bite.

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