Things you need to know before hiring wedding catering service

Planning a wedding isn’t easy. There are so many things to think of, rings, dresses, food, music, venue, how to get there, and this list could go on forever. But we can tell you for sure, that one of the most important decisions when planning a wedding is whether you want an external wedding planner and catering service to take care of the food & beverage or do it yourself. On your Big Day you shouldn’t have to worry about anything, so we provide you with a checklist which will help choose the perfect catering company.

On your Big Day you shouldn’t have to worry about anything, so decided to provide you with a checklist which will help choose the perfect wedding catering company for your wedding in Barcelona. Please, don’t feel overwhelmed by all the ideas pointed out here. Just pick the ones that best suit your dream wedding.

Perfect wedding catering check-list:

  • Set a budget for your wedding catering: It’s easier for caterers to bring together a perfect menu for you if they know how much you’d like to spend on the food.
  • Start about 6-9 months in advance (interview caterers, taste tests…)
  • Ask caterer for reference, portfolio, and experience with wedding catering
  • Check caterer’s availability on wedding date
  • Decide if you prefer buffet or menu (self-serve / served)
  • Ask for menu examples with prices
  • Ask caterer if any regulations apply for self-supplied food, drinks or wedding cake
  • Check if cake knife and stand are provided by caterer
  • Check if they provide bar service
  • Check if costs cover set-up and clean-up
  • Check if taxes and gratuities are included in price
  • Check included/excluded equipment (plates, utensils, food warmers, linens…)
  • Check if caterer provides menus at served dinner or food descriptions at buffet
  • Clarify beginning and end times of catering service
  • Clarify deadline for menu selection and final guest estimates
  • Clarify deposit, guarantee, insurance and cancellation terms
  • Make a written contract with all agreements
Tip: Ask the caterer if they will set up names/place cards if you give them a seating chart and the printed cards.

ADVICE: Go seasonal!

Everyone wants their wedding food to be absolutely perfect, and what’s better than serving your guest’s deliciously seasonal food? Being in a season not only means that your food tastes better but also that the ingredients are readily available locally. Keeping it seasonal will ensure your menu is cost effective and also means you’re getting the ingredients at their best. A seasonal menu will make sure you are off to a good start.

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