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Dreaming of a perfect wedding in Spain? Let us make it a reality.

Cloud9 Barcelona Catering is your gateway to the most unforgettable wedding experience in Barcelona. While we are celebrated for our exquisite catering services, we understand that a perfect wedding requires more than just delectable food. It demands a seamless orchestration of every detail, from the idyllic venue to the floral arrangements, and most crucially, a skilled wedding planner who can bring your vision to life.

wedding planner barcelona
wedding planner barcelona

Destination Wedding: Barcelona

Why choose Cloud9 for your destination wedding in Barcelona? 

Expertise in Barcelona and Sitges: with years of experience catering to weddings in Barcelona and Sitges, we’ve built strong relationships with the best, most experienced wedding planners in the region. Bi-lingual (English & Spanish), highly experienced, and deeply connected with top local venues and services. Our recommended wedding planners possess all the qualities to make your wedding day unforgettable and flawless.

Tailored to Your Dream Wedding: whether you envision a unique villa wedding in Sitges or a vibrant, cultural celebration in Barcelona, our network of wedding planners will tailor every detail to match your vision, ensuring your special day is exactly as you’ve always imagined.

Comprehensive Service: beyond finding the perfect wedding planner, Cloud9 Barcelona Catering offers unparalleled catering services that promise to delight your guests with the essence of Spanish cuisine, prepared using the freshest local ingredients and served with elegance and flair.

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