Why Spanish cooking brings food to life

At Cloud9 Barcelona Catering, we know that Spain is a country known across the world for great tasting food, but what makes Spanish cooking in this corner of the world such a hotbed for amazing dishes? Let’s take a closer look at what makes the people and the culture so creative and in touch with their food.

Freshness is everything

When you shop in any food market you’ll see piles of fresh produce that is just waiting for culinary masters to get to work. By celebrating the beauty of fresh food, Spain has created all manner of dishes that taste like nothing else you’ve ever tasted. The secret is to remember that when you buy long-life or tinned food from your local store that you’re sacrificing flavor. If you cook with nothing but the finest fresh ingredients then you can create all manner of delightful flavor combinations using just a few humble ingredients.

Simplicity is an art form

When you look at the packaging on the processed foods that millions of people eat everyday there’ll be dozens and dozens of ingredients, many of which you’ll have never heard of. What sets Spanish food apart is that it’s based around a few staple ingredients that can be cooked and prepared dozens of different ways. Subtle changes in the way you sauté onions can have a transformative effect on the taste of the finished dish. By working with a few ingredients that they know well, every holiday chef Barcelona visitors love will be able to create something amazing in a matter of minutes.

Healthy choices always taste better

Healthy additions to recipes like olive oil and fresh vegetables fill Spanish cooking with the nutrients that make your mind and body feel refreshed and energized. Ask any Barcelona caterer and they’ll tell you that not only do people always ask for more after they’ve sampled their food, but they also feel better than ever. Add in a healthy dose of sunshine and you’ll have everything you need to look and feel amazing all year round.

Endless variety to offer

By basing their food around a small group of simple ingredients, every eatery or home chef Spain has to offer will be able to offer you a seemingly endless variety of flavors and textures to try. Whether you want a little bit of spice, a juicy slice of the finest ham, or some subtly seasoned seafood, Spanish food has something to offer everyone. Not only will this bring your taste buds to life, it’ll also have you thinking about preparing ingredients and balancing flavors in new ways that you have never tried before.

It celebrates seasonal ingredients

Perhaps one of the greatest things about authentic cooking is that it’s seasonal. Whilst some foods are readily available all year round, others use ingredients that only grow at certain times of the year. Rather than viewing this as a constraint, Spanish cooking turns it into a virtue by creating all manner of delicious recipes that you’ll look forward to as its own time of the year comes over the horizon. This helps make cooking a central part of the Spanish way of life. With families and friends going out of their way to make the time to cook seasonal dishes together you get a real sense of the community that accompanies this unique approach to cooking.

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