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Traditional Spanish cuisine with a modern flair

Our Story

At Cloud9 Barcelona Catering, we are passionate not only about food, but storytelling. Each dish we create draws its roots from a historical breakthrough in Spanish and Catalan cooking. The freshest local produce, seafood, and meats, have formed the basis of Spanish cuisine for hundreds of years.

We want to take you on a journey, from the traditional methods of old to a fusion in the modern present. Along the way we merge traditional Catalan recipes with contemporary presentation and European influences to create a unique dining experience.

A Spanish Culinary Journey

The aspect of storytelling is very natural to us here at Cloud9. The roots of the dish, it’s ingredients, and history, must be explained. To know not just what you are eating, but also why you are eating it.

The Cloud9 Barcelona team is made up of local people, who have lived and worked in Spain, and Catalonia, for many years. In order to provide a truly unique and authentic experience, our team doesn’t just provide excellent service, they also possess a knowledge of the products, the Spanish lifestyle, and culture.